girl scout

Whatever happened to the days of dressing up like a different character every day--today a magician, tomorrow an astronaut--and instead of anyone judging, they all thought is was so cute and fun.  Oh yeah, I guess that's called being a kid.  Well you know what?! Those were the good ole days!  I miss my treasure trunk of bedazzled costumes, wigs, and jewels galore (...let's be real, I still have one) to dig through, throw stuff on, and conquer the day.  So, to not completely be outcast from society, I tend to come up with "sophisticated" adult versions of what my inner kid heart really wants to be.  It's like a mini Halloween every day, you should try it.

P.S. I went to a gas station after taking these pictures and a lady there literally asked me if I was a troop leader.  I was flattered...and shocked that she was serious.  I kinda felt like Shelley Long from Troop Beverly Hills for a hot second.

image copy 7.jpeg
image copy 11.jpeg
image copy 2.jpeg
image copy 12.jpeg
image copy 4.jpeg
image copy 8.jpeg
image copy 6.jpeg
image copy 10.jpeg
image copy 20.jpeg

Obviously I felt the urge to salute a lot.  It must be a primal girl scout instinct or something....  

And just to prove how hard core of a wilderness woman I am, here are some real live elk and buffalo that I hung out and discussed nature stuff with. They were some pretty majestic beasts.  

image copy 15.jpeg
image copy 14.jpeg
image copy 16.jpeg

Sidenote: I felt obligated to take capture the biggest tree knot I had ever witnessed.  I mean, what the heck is that thing?  Should I be concerned?

image copy 13.jpeg

Happy trails to you, until we meet again. 

image copy 17.jpeg