Camp Milo

I feel like I basically blinked and have a 19 month naturally I was having a major mommy moment the other day and went  through literally every picture in the Milo archives (aka my entire laptop hard drive).  I guess between figuring out how to walk and how to sleep and not lose my cool and working and scheduling when to shower and trying to embrace every moment of being a mom, oh and being a wife, it's just taken me 6 months to share his first birthday pictures, lol.  

That day was such a golden nugget in our hearts kind of a day that it has been so fun to go through the pictures and relive it.  Looking back, 1.) it's hilarious how many random camping related props I had in my Mary Poppins bag o' tricks, 2.) It's a miracle we pulled it all off--Trevor finished building our deck as people were arriving.  It later held at least 30 people at the same time...only a couple people didn't survive ;) ... 3.) It's kinda funny we picked this theme and ran with it because now that he's a toddler, all he ever wants to do is put on his shoes and go outside, and 4.) I'm so grateful for my sweet, amazing friend Gertrude who captured all the details, like she does best.  

5 months and counting til birthday party number 2!

^ a handmade boyscout vest by his MeMe (complete with a vintage personalized auto mechanic patch and random fun boyscout patches I scored on ebay!)

^ For our little digger, the cutest ant hill cake homemade by his Ama.