Pinkham party of four

On my to do list the week before Bode's due date, along with freezer meals and deep cleaning the refrigerator and getting a mani/pedi and painting the front porch and conquering the world, was to share these photos.  Whadya know, he came like a bat outta you know where in the middle of the night a week early ... and it couldn't have been a more beautiful surprise. AND a beautiful lesson in letting go :)  So here I am a month in, slowly surfacing from the fog haha...going through these pictures of us as a party of 3 on the precipice of 4, and feeling all the feels.  Now that he is here it seems like we have known him forever, but it is still so surreal to realize it was him in there the whole time!  (p.s. Is it just me moms, or do you all also never get over the fact that you grew an actual human in your belly and now you're wiping their nose and having serious conversations about dinosaurs with them?)

So here is our silly random version of maternity slash family pictures! All I can say is Gertrude Bell is a magical fairy photographer who knows how to wrangle one toddler supreme and two sweaty exhausted parents like nobody's business.

Hope you enjoy gloriously gaudy putt putt decor as much as I do!