"Made in the USA" : Milo's Nursery Tour

Hello friends!  Since I've been spending 99.9 % of my time in this room, photographing it seemed like brilliant motivation to tidy up a bit! We're pretty excited to show you around...

The gang's all here! Literally...these are all of his stuffed animals. Haha!  I know that won't last for too long.  So for now, four fluffy friends in a cute little cluster out of reach for the dogs to steal and destroy will be a special memory.  Plus, the sweet bearded hobo-looking one is named Sven and was !HAND - MADE! (and named) years ago by Trevor's Annie Grammy.  An ultimate treasure.  

I searched forever for a mobile and my hunting paid off.  What farm/barnyard/Americana themed room is complete without sheep?!  And, double whammy, they are floating above for him to count to sleep!  If only he'd be asleep after counting 5 sheep....or rocking him for 30 minutes....or singing every song I know....ya feel me?  Essentially, this boy isn't one to miss out on life.  

Also, fun fact:  the itty bitty pulley that is holding up the mobile (you can spot it in the first pic of the room up above) was found attached to the ceiling in the basement of our 95 year old house!  

They have the cutest felt mobiles, and cutest everything for that matter at Land of Nod.  Can we live there?

Ok I pinky promise I did not hang fishing line from the ceiling and attach it to his wrist!  He seriously gave me a split second of a ride 'em up yee-haw cowboy pose.  This is the first time I plopped him in this thing, so obviously he's a natural.  Found this bad boy at a resale shop for nine bucks when I was pregnant, and would sit in his room with my big bellied emotional hormonal self looking at it and dreaming about when he would be big enough to sit and play in it.  And now here we are, sitting and playing.  7 months into this and I'm getting the feeling that the emotions and hormones never wear off.  Thus, Mommyhood. That or I better not be pregnant again...

This Pepsi crate, turned shadow-box, was randomly given to me by my Mother-in Law.  A cool old treasure living in her storage room that she knew I would love.  I seem to attract cool old things in storage rooms.  Is this a good thing or a bad thing?  Hmmmm...

There is no hiding my affinity for needlepoint.  I might as well shout it from the rooftops.  Kitschy and tacky and colorful and cheerful and wonderful needlepoint.  Yes please.  The owl was given to me, and the farm scene I scored on Etsy, got a wood frame and burlap from Hobby Lobby, bada bing bada boom.

This chicken wire shelf I found at good ole Home Goods, but it was in the darkest navy.  I gave it a fresh spray paint of silver to bring it back to it's chicken wire roots, and loaded it up with some of my faves.

These guys are pretty serious about reading, and about being amazing copper animal head mounts.  I found them at the Gypsy Caravan (an annual flea market) last summer while I was about to P O P, yet still willing to walk for hours in the heat searching for treasures.  #determination #orInsanity ?

Milo has become the master of outfit changes...thanks mostly to spit up. And poop.  Good thing I had another manly American farmer number up my sleeve for our little photoshoot, because he apparently still had some photogenic magic left up his sleeve.  I couldn't really handle this bunny cuddle.......

This glorious owl of my dreams was a thrifted find from a friend who whoooo knows me all too well.  The vintage silk American flag (with mustard yellow fringe may I add) I found at Goodwill a couple years ago for a whole 5 buckaroos.  It's been chillin with my props up until I found out I was having a boy.  At that time I had no idea what world I wanted to create for his room, but I knew I was raising the flag.

Handmade item numero 2 and needlepoint item numero 100, this pillow made by my amazing mom.  She actually made it for Trevor and I right after we got married.  I always wanted to show it off, but never found the perfect spot for it until now :) 

- Faux Cowhide Fur Pillow // World Market

Handmade item number 3 oh my gosh I'm realizing it now as I'm typing!  This sweet little (3d needlepoint...wow I'm officially a dork) barn with a silo!  This one my Mimi made for me when I was 3 or 4 and it has a little music box inside to wind up that plays none other than "Ole McDonald Had a Farm."  Kinda weird how I obviously have always been destined to have a barn-themed room in my house, haha.  The donkey planter I thrifted, and in it lives the oldest plant I've ever kept alive.  I credit that to the assumed magical powers of the donkey because seriously all other plants I have tended to die in 1-2 months.  Any green-thumb tips?  In the meantime, every plant I will be purchasing will be the one to the left of it, whose tag read: "Plants of Steel."  Sold.

No diaper changing station is complete without two adorable headshots of your pups! Charlie to the left, Scotch to the right.  The best/naughtiest duo you ever did meet.  I can't wait for them and Milo to be best buds.  Right now Milo just pulls out Charlie's fur by the handfuls and Scotch constantly kisses Milo while he happily opens his mouth until I intervene.  Mom of the year award right here.


Here is Sven testing out the cutest little yellow school chair that I just couldn't pass up from a resale shop recently.  It was only 5 dollars after all!

See that wee heart up there? My husband welded that for me out of two horseshoes as a gift when we first started dating.  That pretty much sealed the deal for me.  And the denim jacket and rope are hangin' ready for whenever Milo needs to go lasso some farm animals or whatev, no big deal....


M is for Milo, and Monkey, and Macho, and Mud, and Magnificent, and Magic and Macaroni.

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all in the family...room

The Gypsy Caravan happens once a year here in the Lou and it only means two things: football fields of junk/treasures and some serious people-watching.  Either I got there too late in the game, or I was too caught up shoving kettle corn in my face, but the pickins were pretty slim.  However, right before I decided I had seen more rusty tools and troll dolls than my brain could handle, I found this sweet old sign and my time as a gypsy was complete.


Bada bing bada boom, this ledge in our house has a purpose ... you know, just in case we forget where we are.  


curtains & throw: Anthropologie ]