more is more

These floral pieces were no brainers for me! I mean, hello color extravaganza! And the combo? They practically become a neutral! Lol. To be honest, I didn't have a top where the style and color were a good fit for the pants, and I still don't entirelyyyyy fit into my pre-baby jeans ... 3 months postpartum (I'll still take the stretchy pants please.) So a spontaneous flower uniform it is!  Plus, it's always a little invigorating just deciding something works and going with it. Overthinking is overrated.

Happy Wednesday!




Top // Adidas (windbreakertank, leggings, shorts), Pants // Anthropologie (similar),  Earrings // J. Crew (similar), Heels // Sam Edelman (similar), Bag // Vintage, Ring // Alexis Bittar (similar), Bangles // Vintage (similar)


far out

Man I love styling.  It's like playing dress-up with real live dolls.  And in this case, it was like having my very own 1970s Barbie.  Named Betsy.  It was truly a blast from the past doing this styled shoot with photographer Patrick Lanham and hair/makeup artist Whitney Reynolds on the streets of St. Louis.

Also, the cool thing is, all of these looks are new, minus a few vintage pieces from my own supply.  So if you're feeling extra groovy, you don't need to hunt very hard.

Here's to everyone's inner hippie!  Enjoy! xo


Baby on Board!!!

photo 2.JPG

AHOY!! WE ARE HAVING A BABY!!!  13 weeks and counting and still wrapping my head around the fact that there is a real live human growing inside of me.  Kiwi size to be exact.  After a nice, sweet time of Trevor and I having this little secret to ourselves, it got harder and harder to not shout it from the rooftops.  I had to whip up a pregnancy announcement, Pinkham-style, and fast.  Now that I have super pregnancy radar, I have been noticing baby stuff everywhere.  The 'Baby on Board' phrase got stuck in my head after seeing so many cars with those little yellow signs in the window.  My brain synapses kept firing and next thing I know I was googling the closest costume shop and buying captain hats!  

image copy 7.jpeg

Behold the sea wall in all its glory.  A hand full of blisters from cutting poster board waves and 30 rolls of double-stick tape later (not really), we had to bust a move and take our picture quick before it all fell down.  Considering this is on wall of our guest room, soon to be baby room, I thought double-stick tape would be the safest route. And hey, it did the trick for a couple of days.

My vision for the newspaper sky was really just a fun alternative to an ugly cream wall, and then I decided it could pass for an abstract gray, New England-esque sea sky….eh?

Here's what I used to make the 'Baby on Board' life saver---excuse me, 'life preserver' according to the Boss Man .  A life saver is a piece of candy, get it straight:

-Styrofoam wreath (from the floral section of the craft store)

-1 yard (at most) of orange fabric

-Scraps of white fabric

-Custom cut rope (from the hardware store)

-Black felt adhesive letters

-Hot glue gun & a couple glue sticks


In a visual nutshell, here is what I did!  Minus the rope part.  I'm laughing because I remember being so frustrated cutting and gluing that stupid rope that documenting it was the last thing on my mind.  But I bet you are smart enough to figure it out!  Just add a dash more of patience than I did ;)

image copy 9.jpeg
image copy 8.jpeg
image copy 5.jpg
image copy 7.jpeg
image copy 7 (2).jpg
image copy.jpg

Just in case you didn't' know, Charlie tends to wear his heart on his sleeves/fur.  He's already a slight bit jealous, and had to make a few cameos during our little photo shoot to make sure we hadn't forgotten about him yet...

image 2.jpeg
image copy 8.jpeg

And so it begins, the first of many photoshoots for Baby Pinkham.  Anchors Aweigh!

finn the great

Kids like Finn are hard to come by these days.  Not only does he roar like a dinosaur on cue, but he is the master of disguise from a patriotic little scholar to the ultimate space cowboy to an explorer of the world, and has a fearless personality that we all could learn a thing or two from.  I mean, someone needs to get this 3-year-old a talk show.  With that being said, it was too hard to pick just a few pictures to represent our day of magic that all started with a thrifted old desk.  Enjoy!

That's a wrap folks.  Now, nap time...

Photographer extraordinaire:  Gertrude Gusewelle (Inspired Photography)

chalk & sequins

So I was minding my own business at one of my favorite spots to find goodies and stopped dead in my tracks by this little beaut, beckoning me in all its glory:


A Tiffany-blue old beat-up school desk!!  Is this real life?!  Although I didn't know what I was going to do with it, it was too amazing to pass up.  That, my friends, is the definition of an impulse buy.  But when it's at a thrift store, I don't deal with too much shopper's remorse.  So a little brainstorming and a trip to Lowe's and Hobby Lobby later, I turned this sucker into a makeshift chalkboard for a young scholar!  Lucky me, I knew just the curly-headed lad with a larger-than-life personality that would do this desk justice.  I managed to recruit a couple fabulous, imaginative friends to make a photoshoot happen, and we spent a day trekking around the park with old books, apples, dinosaurs, candy, and cowboy gear in tote.  Oh yeah, and the desk.  Sweaty? Yes. Worth it? Heck yes!  Can't wait to get the pics back and put them up!  Until then, here are some sneak peeks from the day...



P.s. I found this too...and couldn't resist to try it on.  I mean, it was all sequins.  What happens at the thrift store, stays at the thrift store...